MOTUC News: By the Numbers, Ram Man Delay

Are you a Masters of the Universe Classics subcriber for 2013?  Did you push all in to “save the line” back in August?  Did you decide to also put in a preorder for Castle Grayskull?  No matter how you slice it 2013 is going to be an expensive year for collectors of MOTUC.  While we will be getting fewer figures to lessen the burden of the 25% price increase, we will still be paying a lot more this year.  Meanwhile we will be getting considerably less for all the cash.

So let’s take a look at just the flat subscription amounts (shipping not factored in):

2012 – 12 Monthly Figures ($20 each), 1 Three-Pack ($60), 1 Beast ($30), 2 Giant/Two-Pack ($40), 4 Variants ($20 each)  – Subscription total: $490 – 20 Items

2013: 12 Monthly Figures ($25 each), 1 Three-pack ($75), 1 Variant ($25), 1 Ram-Man ($30), 1 Giant/Two-Pack ($50) – Subscription total: $480 – 16 Items

If you were just a subscriber you are pretty much paying the same this year as you were last year, but getting four less items.  It’s easier to say items because while I could count figures, I don’t know what some stuff in 2013 will be … even though it was hinted before the final $50 item is a Horde Trooper two-pack.  If that is the case 2012 had a total of 23 figures while 2013 will have 19 at a ten dollar discount in total.

Addon subscriptions and day-of items:

Here is where it gets dicey, if you are a completest you will not only pay more in shipping, but will just have to track down more figures.

2012 – 30th Anniversary Subscription (6 x$20 – $120), SDCC Exclusive ($30), Traveling Con Exclusive ($22), Granamyr ($80), Weapons Pak ($18) – Total Non Subscription: $270 – 10 Items

2012 Completist totals – $760 – 30 Items (Plus a whole lot of shipping and handling costs)

It’s a little harder to gauge 2013 so if we only go by what we know the totals will be as so:

2013 – Traveling Con Exclusive ($27), Castle Grayskull ($250) – Total Non Subscription: $277 – 2 Items

Now this only takes into account what we know and at what price point, the following are not included:

  • San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive (I would guess $30 – $35 is the price point, it’s not like they won’t raise the price on that too since everything else went up)
  • Add on sub, or off subscription figure offerring (This was the “greenlit program to get us more figures” nothing has been announced yet, but I imagine if its a sub it will be six figures so 6 x $25 = $150)
  • Weapons Pak (It’s possible with Castle Grayskull this year they may forgo the weapons pak, but if not I expect it to be $18 like the last one)

If we add my highest prices for everything: SDCC Exclusive ($35), Filmation Sub ($150), Weapons Pak ($18), Confirmed Non Sub Items ($277), Subscription ($480) – Hypothetical 2013 Completist Total: $960 – 26 Items

No matter how you slice it, we are paying a lot more for less next year.  The total for 2013 is skewed a little higher because Castle Grayskull is a pretty large chunk of it.  if we take out Grayskull and Granamyr then 2012 looks to be $680 with 29 items and 2013 would be $710 with 25 items.  So you will be paying a bit more in 2013 but the difference will be about four figures or $80 worth of product.

Hahaha … wait you are serious?

So why did I decide to map out how much Masters of the Universe Classics costs?  Well I suppose the price hike didn’t really hit me until I looked over and saw poor old He-Man going for $27.  Seems a bit excessive to me, but Mattel has always been the leader of the pack as far as high toy prices.

Also it is worth mentioning that Ram-Man has been delayed!  At the last minute he has been pushed to February 15, 2013 and will join Jitsu next month.  Netossa will be the only figure out this month along with what looks like a few customer service stock reissues including the incredibly sexy Horde Prime.  I have updated the MOTUC release schedule in case anyone gets confused … on a side note I actually thought Ram-Man was February from the beginning, looks like I was right all along!

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  1. that is a handy breakdown! I hate being all doom(kick) and gloom, but it really seems to me like we don’t have much time left in the line… if it continues on like this more and more people are going to jump ship come 2014 sub time.

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