MOTUC News: Fang Man Carded

It may not be much of an update, but it is definitely a good one!  Fang Man, the figure I am most excited for in 2013, has had his soul stolen and pictures have now surfaced of him carded.  Fang Man is the March 2013 Club Eternia figure and another character that is sure to please the Filmation fans out there.

I believe Toy Guru also said that his mouth and tongue are articulated, which is really cool.  He’ll be $25 if you have a subscription and $27 if you don’t.  Price increases still suck … enjoy the Fang Man!

MOTUC Fang Man – Carded Front
MOTUC Fang Man – Carded Back

There was also some stuff about the wacky invoices we got … it made about as much sense as the invoices themselves.  If you want to check it out go to their Facebook page.

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