NECA News: Blue TF2 Variants, Django Pulled, Toy Fair Prep

I hope everyone had a happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! Now it’s back to work, school, and whatever else occupies you throughout the week. I was a little bummed about going back to work today, especially since I’ve spent the last month with some kind of sickness (the life of living with two kids in daycare!). My frown was turned upside-down, however, when NECA posted their new cover photo on Facebook featuring the first two Team Fortress 2 figures in their blue team colors!

Yes, so my fears have been pushed aside as the Demoman and Pyro from Team Fortress 2 will have a blue variant to go with the currently shipping red release. No details about where or how to get them, but they did promise them some time today so I will update as information is available.


In other NECA Team Fortress 2 news, the red Demoman and Pyro look to hitting shops in California. I picked up a set off eBay for a little more than $40 and it’s on the way over. We should have a review up this weekend or next week at the latest.

Just like that, the Mego-styled Django Unchained line appears to be over. Word came from Weinstein after a week or so of “OUTRAGE” from various places that usually get outraged. Amazon appeared to ship a limited quantity they must have had on hand and then stopped, I haven’t gotten a cancellation on my order that said it would ship January 25th … but I’m not expecting to get it. This attention basically sold any place out that had them, and then drove the secondary market prices sky-high. Sets of Django figures are going for thousands now.


Finally a few BTS posts from NECA yesterday showing off what looks like the a hallway from Aliens and the trophy room on the Predator 2 ship. Check out the pictures, apparently these are fan-made dioramas for their Toy Fair display! Looking really good!


That’s all I got for today!

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