NECA News: Captain America Carded, Bioshock Sky-Hook, Pacific Rim

Welcome to 2013!  Our first news post of the new year is packed full of info as NECA has released a picture of the carded quarter scale Captain America, a short inspirational video of the Bioshock Infinite Sky-Hook replica, and could NECA have the Pacific Rim license?

First off with the Captain America news.  You know him from the hit movie The Avengers, now you can own an ultra detailed, fully articulated, quarter (18″) scale action figure of Chris Evans also known as Captain America!  Cap is the first of NECA’s quarter scale Marvel action figures and as you can see he is being packed out over in China so we can expect to start seeing him by the end of the month!   Check out the fully boxed picture straight from the factory floor:


Next up from a little game called Bioshock Infinite, the Sky-Hook prop replica will also be shipping in a few weeks.  You can grab yourself the Bioshock Infinite Sky-Hook from Gamestop for about eighty bucks.  NECA put out a little video so you can see the thing in action, check it out below:

Speaking of Bioshock Infinite, the Elizabeth and Boys of Silence figures have been spotted in Hong Kong and should be heading state-side soon.  I’m definitely going to grab Elizabeth as she looks amazing.

Finally this is more speculation than anything, but I’m sure they knew what they were doing when posting this:


Sure he may just be really excited about Pacific Rim like the rest of us, but I’m willing to bet there is more to this than we think.  Plus who wouldn’t want NECA to make giant country themed robots and huge hulking out aliens that come from the sea?  Only about a month left until Toy Fair so I guess we will find out soon … but my money is on NECA having the Pacific Rim license and this make me very happy.

7 thoughts on “NECA News: Captain America Carded, Bioshock Sky-Hook, Pacific Rim”

    1. I’d guess they would wait till SDCC to show it since its fourth quarter, but there are really only three more reveals left for the year so I think there will be some new add on sub like the 30th they will show.

      Still hoping TF lets me go this year, fingers crossed!

    1. I totally didn’t even think of scaling them to Monster Arts figures, great idea!

      Although there is something to be said for a giant 18″ tall robot … Would probably cost a fortune too but it’d be a sight!

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