NECA News: Predator Series 8, Bilbo Baggins

No sooner did the Governator himself claim on a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) that he would sooner fight a Predator-sized chicken over 100 chicken sized Predators, then NECA shows off Predator series eight!  We have a look at factory paint samples of the entire eight Predator series starring Dutch, Dutch, and the Masked Jungle Hunter!  The Arnold likenesses look amazing, especially for the scale they are in.  It would be silly to say these aren’t a lot of people’s most anticipated toys of 2013.  Check out the set straight from the desk of Randy at NECA:


Next up we have an unpainted test shot of the quarter scale The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins.  Bilbo will be roughly 12 inches tall and in scale with NECA’s previous “epic scale” figures like Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, and of course Gollum:


The Gremlins Mogwai series three has been hitting stateside!  Check out your local Toys “R” Us if you want them.  They tend to go really fast in my area, so I hope that’s a good sign we can move on to the third Gremlins series.  Mogwai series three includes:

All three of them are also in stock at Amazon right now, click the links if you want to grab them or check prices!  Or grab the full set here.

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