NECA News: Prometheus David Carded, 1/4 Scale Elder Predator, Thor

Good morning!  We have a nice little batch of NECA news for you on this fine day spanning all of their licenses including Marvel, Prometheus, Predator, and more.

First off, in response to a question regarding NECA’s quarter scale Avengers and doing the main four it was said that Thor is currently being sculpted.  So the current lineup will be Captain America out in February, followed by Iron Man, and then Thor.  It is also said in the linked conversation that Hulk is planned but no work has been done yet.  They do hope to make him a MASSIVE 24″ tall!


In Prometheus news David 8 is in package and ready to roll.  He will be hitting stores late February along with the Deacon.  We should be seeing some new Prometheus come Toy Fair so keep a look out!


A quarter-scale Elder Predator is confirmed.  An unpainted sheath was posted on twitter.  It will be using the classic Jungle Hunter body as a base and should be out later this year.  I’d imagine they will be showing the full thing at Toy Fair as well.

Some little tidbits as well:

  • NECA does NOT have the Resident Evil license and will not be doing anymore figures from the series.  Vector from Operation: Racoon City is officially their last Resident Evil figure.
  • The Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun is officially for presale, did you grab yours yet?

That’s all I got for this morning, have a great Saturday!

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