NECA’s TF2 Action Figure Online Codes Exposed!

I hadn’t heard anyone clarify what the in-game codes from the NECA Team Fortress 2 action figures got you yet.  So I figure I would post up a quick rundown of what you will get with them.  I got my figures in today, the Demoman and Pyro turned out awesome and I will get a review out in the next few days, but a lot of people have been looking for what codes come with the figures so here you go.

UPDATE: As of February 1 the items have been upgraded to “Genuine” status which means there are now only 10,000 Genuine Glenberry Bonnets and Brigade Helms in the Team Fortress 2 economy.  So these will probably become more valuable in time. Source – Patch NotesFixed Red Pyro and Red Demoman action figures not granting Genuine-quality versions of the in-game items. Players who have already redeemed codes will have the correct items granted to them the next time they launch the game.


Maybe “exposed” was a little dramatic for the title, but whatever!  So when you get your NECA TF2 Demoman and Pyro action figures there will be a card taped to the inside of the clamshell art.  Go ahead and remove that card, follow the instructions, and type the code into Steam.  You should get a confirmation that looks like this:


So you can see the codes are character specific.  If you load up Team Fortress 2 shortly after, check your notifications and you will see you have new items.  (Note: If you have not loaded up TF2 in a while, you may have promo items from games or that last time you played, if you want to be sure of what you got load up TF2 prior to typing in the code and check out your items)  Click to see the new items.

For the Pyro, I got the Brigade Helm.


For the Demoman I got the Glengarry Bonnet.


Basically you got a hat that you could get as a drop or buy from the Mann Co Store for around five dollars.  This could upset some people who were hoping for a unique item from the figure, but it’s not a bad bonus if you are a fan of TF2.  If nothing else it will get people to log into the game if they haven’t played for a while.

This also could just be something for the first wave, maybe if Valve likes the interaction if brings future waves could get unique items.  Regardless, the figures are awesome and I’ll have some reviews up as the week progresses.


I’d love to know if anyone gets other items from their code, that way I can confirm if it is actually a random item or a set item.  Drop me an email or leave comment to let me know what you got from your NECA Team Fortress 2 action figures!

11 thoughts on “NECA’s TF2 Action Figure Online Codes Exposed!”

    1. Can’t say I play actively anymore, but I’ll load it up from time to time. Especially with the new coop mode, it’s really fun!

    1. Yeah I did the same, I didn’t have a PC that could play it so I got it on 360, I’ve since righted this wrong and have far too many games on Steam ><

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  3. Hi! A Red Soldier Figure have just been delivered to me. It looks great, but there isn’t a card inside it…
    How could i activate the code?

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