MOTUC News: Sea Hawk Basically Confirmed

Filmation and She-Ra fans (or She-Ravers as some would say) should be a little extra excited today after Matty sent out a little preview email.   The email was revealing a new accessory for an upcoming character in the six figure Filmation subscription that starts in July.  As we all know the first three will be Batros, Icer, and Shakoti.  This leaves three remaining mystery figures.

Well one mystery appears to be solved as a HUGE fan favorite, Sea Hawk, is all but confirmed from the scimitar shown in the email.  And since they leave little doubt that everyone’s favorite pirate will be coming as part of Club Filmation, they tighten the screws a little more to suck you in.  This character (Sea Hawk) will not be available as a day-of sale item.  Much like Fang Man in the upcoming March sale day, he will only be available to subscribers.


So to this course of action I’d like to do some slight editorial.  Bravo Mattel, bravo!  You didn’t resort to calling for the death of the line if things don’t go well.  I am perfectly fine with random figures being semi club exclusive throughout the year to drive sales.  I honestly believe this makes you guys look a lot less scummy than when you held fan’s feet over the fire in 2013 and made them feel like they were killing the line.  Making certain figures exclusive to subscription holders is a very reasonable compromise.  Thanks bros!


Also it’s probably worth mentioning that the sword in question does not look exactly like anything Sea Hawk owns.  Some would say this may be a teaser for Blackbeard.  But I ask you this: Why would they be teasing Blackbeard as some type of big draw?  Seriously look at him.  Though his scimitar is a lot closer a match.  Whatever it’s not Blackbeard I’m not listening to you people!

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