MOTUC News: Strobo On Sale in March, Fang Man Subscription Only

You heard that correctly, March will be the first date you can get your hands on Strobo the travelling convention exclusive for Masters of the Universe Classics this year.  Strobo will only be available to subscription holders through the “Early Access” program.  Apparently the next time Strobo will be available will be at Power Con, which is months away.  They play the old “well there MAY not be any left by then” card, but I’m sure there will.

fang01March also looks to be the month where Matty spreads his cheeks and take a giant shit down the throats of people who did not buy a Club Eternia subscription.  Get ready for it …


Fang Man will only be shipped to subscribers.  There will be no day-of stock for sale.  They leave the mention of day-of stock vague in their news post so I imagine they are just holding back stock that will go for sale at another date.  But then again Matty held thousands of Gygors at one point so anything is possible.  Maybe next year we will come upon a Walmart endcap full of Fang Men.  Anyway if you are a subscriber, congratulation you will get Fang Man, King He-Man, and Strobo if you wish to buy him.  If you aren’t a subscriber and want MOTUC figures, make a few friends quick.

Oh and March will be the month the month the MOTUC clamshell protectors go up for sale.  You saw them at Toy Fair, now you can buy them!  Other notable things for sale in March that will have day-of stock:

  • DCIE – Elongated Man – $20
  • Watchman – Dr. Manhattan – $25
  • WWE Elite Flashback – Sean Michaels
  • WWE Elite Flashback – Miss Elizabeth

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