Bridge Direct: Hobbit 6″ Yazneg and Radagast Pictures

I was a little bit slow on this update as I have been swamped with other work the past couple weeks, but Bridge Direct has sent over a couple of press images of both their Yazneg and Radagast 6″ figures.  You may say, “but Jon I’ve seen these before, who cares?”  Well, take a look further into the info Bridge Direct sends our way and you will see these will have a MSRP if $14.99.  What does this mean?  That these will both be single packed.  At Toy Fair we only saw Yazneg packed in a two-pack with Bilbo, so this means that the formerly only UK figure will be single packed in the next wave of Hobbit 6″ figures from Bridge Direct.

Go on and check out the images:


These two should hit US shores around Fall 2013, again MSRP should be around $14.99 each.  I’m sure there are going to be a few surprises in store so stay tuned!  Don’t forget to check out our Toy Fair 2013 coverage for additional pictures of upcoming Bridge Direct Hobbit figures!

6 thoughts on “Bridge Direct: Hobbit 6″ Yazneg and Radagast Pictures”

  1. cheers jon thx for uploading these great pictures and i disagree i never seen these guys before but i don’t collect the 6′ figures only the 3/34 but im sure the collectors of the 6′ line will probably be eyeing these guys up so thx jon hey btw look for smaug prototype action figure pictures as well just try get some more info from bridge direct and u will see him!!

    1. Can i just ask guys why does no one comment on these Hobbit Wave 2 Action figures anymore? i mean there is nothing boring about them anyway so why why why?

        1. That’s okay Jon not your fault of course but have you heard anything about Smaug being confirmed cos he just got confirmed by Bridge Direct themselves on Facebook saying yes he has been and cemented his place in the 3/34 line so even you should know that on knowing everything there is to know about toys and figures so read upon the Hobbit toys and figures more as a good topic for you.

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