Mastermind Creations Reveals Second Colorway for not-Predaking

I probably should have been reporting on this earlier because I will be building (and reviewing) Mastermind Creations’ new combiner called Feral Rex.  This will be Mastermind Creations’ take on the iconic Predaking and from what we have seen so far they are putting together something very amazing.

Preorders have been up for quite some time for both R-02 Talon: Aerial Assaulter and R-03 Bovis: Supply Specialist.  If you got in early you also got around a $20 discount on each figure as well, so if you decide to get in now keep an eye out for the next preorder to get a better price.  We’ve seen Talon before but  I haven’t posted him on the site yet so check out this amazing bot:

Mastermind Creations R-02 Talon

So the non-colored prototypes looked amazing, but Mastermind Creations managed to nail the perfect color scheme for Talon.  They got one hit on their Predaking, can they do it again?

Mastermind Creations R-03 Bovis

Yeah, they can.  Bovis’ colorway also turned out amazing.

Between Mastermind Creations’ Feral Rex (Predaking) and Fansproject’s Menasor this is going to be a great (and expensive) year for combiner fans.  If you haven’t seen the full image of Feral Rex, it will include six total bots which is one more than the original so they have something new planned!  Enjoy the typical black silhouette to get you excited … I am going to guess some of these will spill into 2014, so don’t take the 2013 on the image too literal.


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  1. Wow these look great but does anyone agree with me that the movie toy versions of action figures and toys are more better? but then again these are sort of vintage series versions of transformers so they’re as updated as the new movies of transformers.

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