NECA News: Huge Aliens News for 2013!

Are you excited about the incredible Aliens figures we saw at Toy Fair 2013?  Do you want to know what NECA also has in store for the rest of the year?  Well you are in luck because Randy over at NECA’s twitter account decided to spill the beans on the rest of the year as well as revealing pictures of a new two-pack of Xenomorph warriors based on the European “Genocide” comic series.  So let’s get the cherry red fellow out-of-the-way:

NECA "Genocide" Two-Pack

Not only does this two-pack feature an incredible red alien, but it is also the only way currently to get the black colored alien.  This two-pack is slated to be released around June 2013.

Fear not there is even more Aliens news!

Past the first series the following two packs will be released this year:

  • Hicks (Helmeted/New expression) vs. Blue Warrior (Shotgun damaged head) – August 2013
  • Hudson (Helmeted/New expression) vs. Brown Warrior (Damaged torso) – October 2013

All aliens from this new sculpt will feature over 30 points of articulation, 9″ tall, double elbows and knees, extending inner jaws, and bendable tails.

Finally, 2013 will see a second series that has yet to be revealed and the Alien Queen!  Well over 13 Aliens figures will be finding their way into collections this year.

Don’t forget, it isn’t too late to preorder the first series of NECA’s Aliens: Colonial Marines series:

Thanks for reading, we’ll keep you updated on everything NECA.  Especially the Alien/Predator/Prometheus universe …. I just can’t get enough of it.

5 thoughts on “NECA News: Huge Aliens News for 2013!”

  1. A red alien? Really do we need something like that?

    Heck yeah we do! Sign me up for this two pack, and probably the Hicks and Hudson ones too. I for whatever reason have never owned a xenomorph figure; and plan on remedying that character flaw big time this year.

    1. As long as there are no breakage issues, this alien sculpt looks to be the best ever done.

      The last one I bought was the Queen from McFarlane and I am so ready to see NECA blow that one away.

  2. well i thought at first they were pacific rim toys but now they’re aliens toys i cant believe it NECA are wasting too much time when they could be making more action figures for both the lone ranger and pacific rim they have been focusing on this for too many years they should give it a break i mean really! are they making more pacific rim figures?

    1. You idiot. Neca continue to make figures from classic movies because they profit from it. Fans of alien movies outnumber Pacific Rim or Lone Ranger ones 10 to 1. It wouldn’t matter if they released an alien figure with a new scratch on its foot, it’d still flog some boring Pacific Rim figure in sales.

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