NECA News: Prometheus and Predator Deals at TRU!

If you have been holding out for a decent price on the NECA 1/4 scale Predators or Prometheus figures, you may want to check online or your local store.  Toys “R” Us looks to be having a decent sale to liquidate old Prometheus and quarter scale Predator figures!  As I found out last night, this does not appear to apply to the series two Prometheus stuff, but they hang both on the same pegs so more than likely if you go to a store they will match the price if you plan to pick up David or the Deacon.

The following figures have had their prices slashed pretty substantially:

Who said it doesn’t pay to wait?  Yeah okay so I didn’t wait and bought all these, but this is a great time for someone who hasn’t had the pleasure to dive in and check them out.  The quarter scale Predators are amazing quality and you are getting a bargain for sixty dollars.

3 thoughts on “NECA News: Prometheus and Predator Deals at TRU!”

  1. Thank you for the heads up. I am sooooo tempted to get the 20 inch city hunter, I just wouldn’t have a place to display it. I even sold my super duper, very cool play arts kai cyborg ninja just because I didn’t really have room for a figure that tall.
    Anyway, I did go ahead and order a Chair Suit Engineer. I’ve been keeping my eyes on him, but for some reason never picked him up. $13 though seemed to be the right price, especially since I have that Shoprunner free-shipping trial thing going on right now.

  2. hey clark mate dont u worry they have even made the wave 3 and 4 action figures for prometheus already and are waiting to release pics at comic-con 2013 so stay tuned for more details!

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