Hot Toys Announces THREE New Iron Man 3 Suits

When the latest Iron Man 3 trailer came out and ended with a bevy of roughly 43 Iron Man suits I said to myself, “Hot Toys is going to make all of those armors.”  My prediction has started to materialize as Hot Toys announced three new armors that will be made in their signature 1/6 scale.  Most of us already have our paychecks wired directly to Hot Toys, but this news may hurt (in a good way) a little bit more than usual.

The Iron Man armors announced are:

  • Mark XXXV: Redsnapper Armor – for the Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Power Pose Series
  • Mark XVII: Heartbreaker Armor – for the Hot Toys 1/6 Movie Masterpiece Diecast Series
  • Mark XXXVIII: Igor Armor – for the Hot Toys 1/6 Movie Masterpeice Series

No pricing or preorders are up yet, but I would keep your eyes on Sideshow as they usually follow shortly after the announcement.  More than likely the Heartbreaker Armor will be around $300 as most of the diecast line has followed that pricing scheme.  The Redsnapper will probably be between $175 – $200 being a power pose figure with limited articulation.  No clue on the Igor Armor because the suit looks pretty huge, hopefully it won’t break the $300 mark.

We got the images from Hot Toys below in case you need to reference the armors.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3 in the US and there is certainly no shortage of merchandise out there.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Toys Announces THREE New Iron Man 3 Suits”

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  2. If they where going to they’d post pictures before it’s release and Comicon is not where they’d really show figures off, Just the starting of the line and exclusives

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