Iron Man Legends Series 2 In Stock at Amazon!

I’m sure we have all been patiently waiting for the second Iron Man Legends series to come out.  Afterall our Iron Mongers are headless and armless!  Well Amazon has come through with the figures IN STOCK right now, as well as a special $5 off promotion when you buy more than one.  Couple that with free super saver shipping, or if you are a Prime member free two-day shipping about you can finish this wave for less than $45 shipped!

Hit up the links below to find the figures you need or want.

Iron Man Legends Wave 2 – Build an Iron Monger:

And if you still need Wave 1 here they are as well:

So there you have it!  The wave hits Amazon first, so hooray for affordable figures!

7 thoughts on “Iron Man Legends Series 2 In Stock at Amazon!”

  1. Flutterlicious

    The 2 I was really looking forward to are finally here! In…..Amazon….. 🙁 I’ll wait for there retail appearance, after all I’ve waited forever for these figures I can wait a little longer (Laurence don’t reply to this or so help me….)

          1. Flutterlicious

            *sigh* God you sound like those little kids on Garry’s mod….. Listen kid it’s not that hard to understand, it’s an internet term. Sure if it makes you shut up I’ll be your “friend” but never reply to my comments with your pointless crap and expect me to continue with my shenanigans if you get out of hand with your comments…

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