Mastermind Creations: Project Azalea (not-Arcee) Details

Mastermind Creations has a lot of great third-party Transformers coming in 2013.  This year they will have Hexatron (Sixshot) coming out shortly followed by the first three robots that make their own five-bot combiner called Feral Rex (Predaking).  They had mentioned about a month ago that Feral Rex would have a sixth member.  On April 1 they revealed this sixth member as a fem-bot with a resemblance to Arcee sitting atop Feral Rex using a matching color-scheme.

While the color-scheme turned out to be a joke, the actual figure was not and Project Azalea looks to be a go.  MMC posted some pictures to their Facebook page and are actively engaging the fans as far as what they would want with this figure.  Word from MMC is she will be about 5.5 inches tall and should cost less than $70 as they will use this mold with multiple releases, more than likely deco changes.  I’d imagine they will do a pink and possibly blue version, but I kind of fell in love with the not-Predaking colors as well, so if she did come out in those colors I would definitely purchase them.

Fans of Arcee will notice that this mold is very close to the IDW comics version of the character.  If you were considering purchasing the Perfect Effect version of RC you may want to hold out and see how MMC’s turns out with color.  The sculpt is dead on though, it would take a colossal screw up for me NOT to get this one.

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    1. That’s the problem when too many good things are coming out! Luckily I’m not much of a backtracker so I won’t feel the need to track down expensive old pieces like the MP Lambo molds.

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