MOTUC News: All 2013 Subscriptions Opened Back Up

Do you want the ability to lock yourself into a subscription service without any of the perks like the subscription exclusive figure?  Well you are in luck! is reopening sales of all their subscription services so that people can start getting figures shipped directly to them and avoid the virtual “lines” of buying them on sale date.  They will begin selling them on April 15, 2013 and continue through April 30, 2013.  The following subscriptions will be available:

Sorry new subscribers, you DO NOT get me.
Sorry new subscribers, you DO NOT get me.


  • Club Filmation – Six figure subscription of MOTU cartoon figures in Classics style (again check our release date checklist for what you get in this sub)
  • Club Eternia – Masters of the Universe Classics’ main line (check our release date checklist for what you would get)
  • Club Infinite Earths – DC Universe Classics Subscription service
  • Club Black Freighter – Comic Based Watchmen subscription using the DC Universe Classics style

For each of these subscription services you will be on the hook for their May figures forward and will not be getting the club exclusive from DCIE or Club Eternia.  It’s also worth noting you will be on the hook for the Fighting Foe Men, a $75 three pack being released in May.  The Club Filmation subscription will be the only club you will still get every figure since it runs July through December.  The Watchmen subscription will nab you the last four figures, you will still need to track down Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan.

All sarcasm aside I’m glad they finally decided to do something like this.  I won’t be adding another subscription mostly because I already have two sets of Fighting Foe Men coming my way with my subscriptions.  I’ll feel odd having $225 worth of Fighting Foe Men at my house.  Like all subscriptions Matty sells, separate orders will combine after the first month they go into effect.  I’m also sure they will have more months like with Fang Man where they offer no day-of-sale stock.  That is probably the biggest selling point of this mid-year sale.

Check out all the details here if you think you might be interested.

Matty’s April sale page is up as well!

Figures of note are:

  • MOTUC Snake Face ($27)
  • MOTUC Snake Men Reissue ($54)
  • MOTUC Mosquitor Reissue ($27)
  • MOTUC Webstor Reissue ($27)
  • DCIE Larfleeze ($20)
  • WWE Elite Flashback Christian ($15.99)

It’s a very bug and snake themed month for MOTUC, and DC fans are FINALLY getting that Larfleeze.  That’s all I got for MOTUC news, maybe a review is coming up … I’ve gotten a little backed up on those.

10 thoughts on “MOTUC News: All 2013 Subscriptions Opened Back Up”

  1. God this MOTUC collection has been going on for years and to be honest i don’t collect them myself but they look pretty darn good so in that respect i might start somewhere along the lines of getting them.

      1. They are great toys to play with, very versatile … plus they are very easy to customize since they share parts and those parts are very easy to pop off if you want. I dig them a lot, as long as you don’t get involved in the Mattel politics you’ll have a blast with them.

        1. LOL Mattel Politics club, These MOTUC figures are great not only can you customize them but they are very much in-scale with NECA figures

          1. Well that’s cool because i love NECA figures so much as the Lone Ranger film Action Figures are their best toys they’ve ever made.

        2. Wow then that’s great and just what i need but are they sort of similar to He-Man? in a way cos i heard they were exactly a He-Man take-on version. Thanks Jon

  2. Jesus…I see what they are doing here, but it seems crazy. why not just make enough for some dos sales? this seems like a waste of money if you don’t get the sub exclusive.

    1. If you got into the line late it seems like a good idea. I always thought they should hold a certain amount of openings of subscriptions to buy in throughout the year, so they kind of did it now.

      I don’t buy their whole “Early Access is a perk” thing. However saving $2 per figure sounds good to me as well.

      I do agree having no DOS stock seems like a dumb idea, especially when MOTU is pretty much keeping Mattycollector alive … you want traffic to continue coming in to your site so people buy things.

      1. Oh yeah true Jon i agree i don’t buy the ”Early access is a perk” thing either or believe it but then again i didn’t understand what they were bloody talking about.

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