MOTUC News: SDCC Rokkon and Stonedar Revealed

Well well well … looks like we finally hear what the new San Diego Comic Con exclusive is for Masters of the Universe Classics will be.  Welcome Rokkon and Stonedar to the extensive MOTUC collection! The Rockmen will be available for SDCC attendees and can be preordered starting June 4, 2013.  The set will then be on sale to non-attendees August 5, 2013 … I would assume the whole “Early Access” thing will give subscribers the early jump on these guys.  We can only hope they last longer than the first batch of Strobos offered earlier this year.

Without further ado: SDCC 2013 Masters of the Universe Classics Rockmen!

MOTUC SDCC 2013 Rokkon and Stonedar Rockmen
The Rockmen cometh!

It’s great to start hearing news on the SDCC exclusives for this year, we will be keeping track of them as well over at the SDCC 2013 Exclusive Checklist.  Mattel will also be revealing their exclusives throughout the week.  I’m sure other companies will begin to follow suit with NECA and Mattel on this.


As you can see the Rockmen will come with additional snap-on parts to enable them to completely transform into boulders or comets, whatever they are!  No word yet on the differences between the SDCC show version and the version we will get at home.  If it is a packaging variant again I hope they pack them as rocks for the kids like me at home.

MOTUC SDCC 2013 Rokkon and Stonedar RockmenMOTUC SDCC 2013 Rokkon and Stonedar Rockmen

They will be on display this weekend at a local comic shop to Mattel.  Check out the info here.  We’ll keep you updated with any new information along with larger pictures and prices.

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        1. Oh and by the way there keeps being this error on your last weekly review topic page so it might be cos you’re having technical difficulty or its just faulty! But sorry to tell you

    1. I must have missed the Rockmen when I was a kid, not sure if it was because they came later in the line or what. Still very excited, it’s different haha.

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