NECA News: 18″ Elder and Big Red Predator, Freddy, Rambo

Good afternoon all! I’m taking a break from a Caillou marathon to post some hot NECA News for April 16, 2013.  This week we get a look at the new series of quarter-scale Predators, some news for Freddy Krueger fans, and finally some new pictures of Rambo.

Also before the pictures I was a little sad to see that BBTS sold out of the 18″ Iron Man from Avengers.  I meant to put in a preorder earlier once I saw the figure at Toy Fair, but of course I procrastinated so I’ll take my chances that it pops into NECA’s eBay store or something like that.

So we have the lineup for the next set of Predator 1/4 scale figures and that includes the favorite from earlier this year, Big Red, and a figure that desperately needs a redo in the 7″ scale, The Elder Predator.  Boxed samples with unpainted prototypes ahoy!


Word on the streets (twitter) are that two NEW versions of Freddy will be coming this year.  Which versions we don’t know yet but I’m sure horror fans are happy.

Finally, a new picture of Rambo who should be out around June.


You can still preorder Rambo off Amazon, grab him before he gets really expensive like everything else that magically disappears.

6 thoughts on “NECA News: 18″ Elder and Big Red Predator, Freddy, Rambo”

  1. Wow the Rambo looks awesome just like his character off the Demolition Man which looks pretty darn awesome if ya ask me i mean i want it but what actual scale is he in approximately? Thanks

    1. Yeah i know doesn’t he! i mean i love him but i don’t know if i will/can buy him so i don’t know what to do but i think i should get him to add him to my toy collection.We will see!

  2. Rambo looks nice, and while he may not be as exciting as the more hard core crazy look from the sequels, there are reasons that I’m definitely buying this one.

    1) I’m practically buying everything NECA does lately in 7″ anyway

    2) Their human figures have gotten especially good, like Dutch and Jason. They’re worth owning just for the great sculpt and articulation combination

    3) If this figure is successful, the ridiculous later Rambos are more likely to happen.

    And I hope to see more Freddy Krueger figures, hopefully with leg articulation. I’m not even a huge horror fan, but the Jason figures are outstanding so I’d like a comparable Freddy. I’d like to see a new “regular” Freddy as the releases so far haven’t had what I consider an ideal face packed with an ideal body so far.

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