NECA News: Elizabeth Shaw — We Barely Knew Ye!

I guess if my local Toys “R” Us was any type of indicator the NECA Prometheus action figures aren’t doing as well as I would have hoped.  I see a lot of the first series still sitting up on the shelves, a good amount of the exclusive set, and an occasional second series figure.  I’d previously reviewed the Chair Suit Engineer and gave him high marks for being a large, detailed, screen accurate, and articulated toy at a $15 price tag.  I’m still a huge fan of NECA’s Prometheus work, although I am a little behind on the reviews.  I own both of the second series figures and couldn’t love them more.

NECA Prometheus Ampule
Small things have big … waitaminute?

So what am I getting at with all this Prometheus downer talk?  Well it looks as though the Fifield and Shaw figures we saw at Toy Fair will not be making it into series three.  Need a reminder?  Check this out.  She’s pretty isn’t she?  Well as of now we won’t be getting her because the next series will need to be filled with reused Engineer bodies.  I’ve heard a lot of people mention a holographic variant but I can’t find any official word on it.  Regardless of that NECA plans to pack these figures with some pretty cool accessories including this ampule that will have a removable top!

One of the reasons I really loved the Deacon was because of all the included accessories.  If this trend continues I imagine I will be very happy with the third series even if we aren’t getting Shaw and Fifield.  I hope down the line we can, and I’m sure NECA really wants to get a Shaw and Vickers out as well.

It will be a shame if these figures don’t get made because they really are beautiful and represent my favorite movie of last year.  They even work well with you Alien and Predator fans to a certain degree.  However from the looks at this, much like the movie the Prometheus action figure series is becoming a graveyard of unproduced toys: RIP Shaw, Fifield, and Halloway.

If you haven’t grabbed some Prometheus figures I suggest you check them out, here are some links for your shopping pleasure:

If nothing else, the Chair Suit Engineer is a hell of a value.  The figure is huge and represents a pretty iconic scene in the original Alien movie.

So this has kind of become a NECA News / Prometheus series review.  But I finally got myself the Predator series 9 Masked Jungle Hunter.  A review will be coming but this guy is sharp, so feel free to check him out hanging with Big Red and City Hunter.


Til next time!

11 thoughts on “NECA News: Elizabeth Shaw — We Barely Knew Ye!”

    1. Yep but it’s not their fault i love NECA anyway regardless and am going to collect their 7′ Lone Ranger figures when they come out! what about you?

  1. Well that’s frustrating. On the plus side, more Engineers are cool since those a great figures. New accessories are nice.

    Really want that Shaw, though. In a world where Ripley isn’t going to happen, getting Shaw would have felt like a small victory, somehow.

    1. Completely agree that if Shaw or to a lesser extent Vickers got made it would be a huge victory. Predator will not get a female ever because the series doesn’t have a female that can eclipse the cast of the first movie. Alien has Ripley, but from what NECA is saying doesn’t look good.

      They could still get Vasquez, which I think would be great. They put it out that they were interested so its possible something could go down in time for SDCC. If she came with the recently revealed flamethrower, that would be awesome.

      I love the Prometheus line because they are damn cool figures, and its a shame they aren’t doing well so I’ll take some more Engineers, but it would be a real loss if Shaw never gets made. Kind of surprised Fifield is bumped because they have the male suit already, guess they don’t think Fifield is a big draw. No one loves a geologist.

      1. The Fifield thing is a bit weird, isn’t it? The body is already made(although I wouldn’t mind if they altered the odd reversed elbows) and a new head seems not to complicated to tool compared to the all new accessories for Engineer variants. Plus, he’s more of a monster than a normal human, and I know part of the fear with these lines is that humans can be sort of boring. What would be really cool is if Fifield had an extra head with the alternate design from the Blu-Ray scenes where his helmet seemed to merge with his head. Creepy.

        You’d think Shaw could be justified at some point if only because the body has an automatic reuse. I can see people who disliked the film still going after a realistic Charlize Theron figure.

  2. I only recently saw Prometheus so excuse my lack of knowledge, but what about Idris Elbas character? is there a figure of him coming? If no why the hell not?

    1. Even though he only wore it for a very short time they could use the space suit for him and include a flamethrower.

      Yeah not sure why he wouldn’t have been considered over at least Halloway. David and Shaw should come first though. Id take him over Fifield too. Monsters and creatures are the easier route because they don’t have to get approval from the actors as well I assume.

  3. if Prometheus 2 happens, and it seems like it will, then i’m thinking Neca might revisit or slightly update the Shaw mold for the new film.

    1. Good call! I imagine if they still have the license by then the plan of attack would be to get Shaw out in the first series.

      At least I would hope since her and David should be the only returning humans.

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