NECA News: Team Fortress 2, Rambo, Aliens’ Hudson

One thing I really enjoy writing but haven’t had a chance lately with time restraints is the NECA News.  I like it for two reasons, first being that the “NECA” and “News” categories are so close to each other in my options bar.  Second because I’m particularly excited about a lot of the stuff NECA has coming out this year.

First we got some great images of the next set of Team Fortress 2 action figures: The Heavy and the Soldier.


The Heavy and Soldier will be joining the previous two releases: The Demoman and The Pyro.  They should run you about $20 depending on where you buy or preorder them from.  They are expected to ship around July 2013 and like the previous series will come with in-game codes to more than likely unlock more “Genuine” items.

If you still have not grabbed them, follow these links to grab the Demoman and Pyro.  They have all but disappeared, and I’m sure the next set will follow suit.

Rambo fan are you?  Maybe just a Sylvester Stallone fan?  NECA wants you to see the box art for the Rambo 7″ action figure that will be shipping in May.  Stallone fans that were thinking NECA was done with the Italian Stallion are dead wrong.


And of course the front insert:


Finally I am posting a picture of Hudson from NECA’s own Randy.  Looks like he took this picture on the way home from work, the road looks like 287 or one of those Jersey highways.  But Hudson looks incredible and the wait for that first series is killing me …


Don’t forget it isn’t too late to preorder Hudson, Hicks, and the Alien Warrior over at Amazon.

That’s it for today friends, enjoy the hot and heavy April fool’s stuff today.

13 thoughts on “NECA News: Team Fortress 2, Rambo, Aliens’ Hudson”

  1. Flutterlicious

    These Rambo figures are going to look great, and that Heavy is at my “Most Wanted” List, 2nd to some Afro Samurai figures

    1. Yeah there the greatest figures I’ve seen, I’ve been playing TF2 for 3 years and I was waiting for them for quite some time…

      1. Yeah the Heavy is outstanding! It’s going to be really cool once the whole set is complete … hope they have a couple more at SDCC this year.

        1. Yeah me too but hey did you hear that for the Hobbit wave 2 exclusive figures that are gonnabe featured is amongst them will be Smaug in 3/34 as a prototype.

  2. Oh fair enough but to be quite honest at the end of the day it is a cartoon so it is a bit weird but anyway if you like it and have been playing it for that many years then cool and good luck getting them hope you like them.

  3. Flutterlicious

    Ughhh…. Just won enough money from the lotto to buy either A. An Afro Samurai figure (My favorite Ninja ninja) Or B. A preorder of the Heavy. A display for that rambo figure like that would be just …BADASS… C’mon Jon! Use the NECA connections! Also tell them what the next HL2 figures are going to be! (Hoping we get some Combine :3)

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