3A Reveals TF2 Robot Heavy from Mann vs Machine

We knew it was only a matter of time, and I’m sure The Daytime Ninja (his #5 most wanted from Valve and 3A) is going to be quite happy about this announcement.  3A has announced their next Valve figure will be from Team Fortress 2 and is the Robot Heavy from the coop Mann vs Machine mode.

For those who don’t know about Mann vs Machine, it is the new coop mode for Valve’s extremely popular Team Fortress 2.  Instead of fighting each other you team up to fight waves of robot versions of the TF2 characters.  It’s similar to “tower defense” games as you can’t let the swarm of enemies reach an end point and plant a bomb.  It’s also insanely fun.

All we have right now is a blurry teaser, but like they say on 3A’s blog this guy is going to be 1/6 scale so he will be HUGE!  Check out the image below, it looks incredible from what we can see:

3A ThreeA Valve Machine Heavy 1/6 Scale Figure

It’s also worth mentioning that 3A’s 1/6 scale Atlas and P-Body go up for preorder tonight at 9:00 PM EST over at the Bambaland store.  Looks like some exciting stuff for Valve fans are in the works from 3A, and we’ll keep you updated as we get new news.

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