Hasbro News: Legends Mandarin, SDCC Boba Fett

Hasbro is a tricky company to get info from, and often times they just drop random tidbits of info to various publications an action figure enthusiest may neglect to look at.  Luckily once these things are found they spread like wildfire.  Today Hasbro dropped some news on a possible new Iron Man 3 Legends line (past the current Build-A-Iron Monger series I would assume) and we finally get some solid information on the SDCC 2013 exclusive Boba Fett.

Hasbro Iron Man Legends Mandarin
You’lll neverrrr see meeee comingggg … no really, you didn’t see me coming!

First up, Mandarin.  News broke today from I09 that a six-inch scale Mandarin action figure under the Marvel Legends banner would be released.  This also included a picture and all!  The only thing that poses questions is whether this is a running change to the current Build-A-Iron Monger series of if there will be an additional Iron Man 3 series this year.

We do know Marvel Legends has a fairly ambitious schedule this year as their Toy Fair panel showed.  Hopefully this Mandarin shows up before we all have forgotten about Iron Man 3 as it comes out this weekend in the US.


It seems like forever since we last heard about the whole Star Wars Black series phenomenon.  Well, we finally got confirmation of what we already knew: Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite will be the 2013 SDCC Exclusive.  The set will include the first six-inch scale Boba Fett packed with two blasters, his jetpack, and of course Han in a carbonite block.  The set will cost $44.99 and will be sold at the show.  Leftovers will be available at Hasbrotoyshop.com, no news on when that will be (if the past is an indicator they will randomly appear on the site after the show some time).

Iron Man Legends Mark 42

Iron Man Legends series 2 has also hit retail and Amazon!  We got a set in and will have a review this week.

25 thoughts on “Hasbro News: Legends Mandarin, SDCC Boba Fett”

  1. Wow now this exclusive figure looks great as my other 3.75 Boba Fett figure but because it comes with Han in carbonite is unique but a good feature and good accessory so when this becomes available with all the other Star Wars Black series 6′ line, i’m definitely gonna get them but first i best wonder to get the Hobbit wave 2 figures collection first and i will stop at nothing until i get them all.Thanks again Jon and great topic post as now you’re starting to reveal a lot of info regarding all the SDCC exclusives! So good on ya mate

  2. Damn, that Boba Fett looks amazing the best part is the packaging going with the Star Wars theme. I think I might skip on the BaF for this wave. Nice post as alway jon. Laurence… give it a rest with the hobbit it’ll come out when it’ll come out so stop posting about it.

    1. He does look good, but the price is a little high for me. I’ll probably stick to my MOTU stuff or possibly Metroplex if it ends up looking cool.

        1. Yeah but it’s not like Han is an articulated figure! Eh I’d have to see it in person, I’m very not sure about the 6″ Star Wars line.

          1. Well don’t be doubtful of it as it looks pretty good and a unique line which consists of so many characters and different things! Just wait and see you will probably like them all. Thanks Jon

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          1. Obviously if you where mature then maybe you’d stop apologizing and you’d get along with the community in Preternia rather then them hating you

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