NECA News: SDCC, Pacific Rim, Prometheus, Freddy

It’s a Saturday night and I feel like I have gathered enough news from NECA to make another roundup!

This week we get our second SDCC 2013 reveal from NECA.  This time they are going to their Friday the 13th license to make a Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th NES game released back in 1989.  This scoop was revealed by the good folks over at, word is they have some additional news items to break that they will be posting next week.  So don’t forget to keep checking back at their site.

Without further ado here is NES style Jason Voorhees. the second NECA 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive.


On the subject of both video games and horror movies we have another reveal from a close friend of Jason: Freddy Krueger.  A Nightmare on Elm Street series four will feature two new variations of Freddy.  Both of these versions are from Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. The first is the “Power Glove” Freddy Krueger which features an all new head sculpt, power glove, and removable hat.  The second is their latest take on Fred Krueger, “The Springwood Slasher.”


Bioshock Infinite fans?  Who knows if a Songbird action figure will happen, but you can get a nice plush to sleep with at night!  NECA designed and produced this giant plush that is being sold exclusively through Irrational Games’ store.  Grab it here.


Can’t get enough Bioshock Infinite?  Well NECA has also confirmed a Booker Dewitt will be coming out later this year, or early next.  They have just started work on him.

Remember that Prometheus series 3 Engineer we talked about last week?  Here is the tease:

I’m either “Snow Storm” or “Holographic” Engineer … you decide!

Expect a summer release for this guy, maybe give him a buy so we can get Shaw?  Pretty please?

Big robots are cool!  Pacific Rim looks like quite an amazing movie with big robots doing cool stuff!  NECA wanted to let you all know they have an 18″ version of Gypsy Danger coming out this fall.  The nice thing about robots is that they fit in with most scales and properties pretty well.  Gypsy will light up thanks to the magic of LED.


And that concludes this week’s NECA News, check back next week for more.   Or you know just keep checking the site if you want to do that as well.  I put other news up here sometimes!

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  1. What scale is it in? sorry i don’t think i caught the bit where they said about him. Thanks Jon for the news about the 18′ Gypsy danger by the way!

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