NECA Pacific Rim 18" Gipsy Danger Details

If you are like me you are getting seriously pumped for Guillermo del Toro’s summer blockbuster: Pacific Rim.  NECA is doing both 7″ scale (more about that later) and 18″ scale action figures based on the Jaegers (mechs) and Kaiju (monsters) from the film.  The first 18″ figure will be Gipsy Danger, the mech from the United States of America.

Quarter scale Gipsy Danger will cost you around $75 – $85.  He measures up to 18″ tall, has LED lights in both his eyes (cockpit) and chest, is fully articulated, and comes with a chainsword that can be attached to his forearms.  The figure is expected to hit stores around August 2013.

Check out the picture below and keep reading for additional info on the first 7″ series:

NECA Gipsy Danger 18" Action Figure Details

Fans of Pacific Rim, and cool robots, will be pleased to know the first series of NECA’s 7″ set is out in Hong Kong and on its way to the stats now!  The first series will include the following Jaegers: Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon.  Also revealed for the first time is the first Kaiju: Knifehead.

NECA Pacific Rim 7" Series 1 Carded

It’s not too late to get a preorder in for the first wave.  Head on over to Amazon where you can get a set or singles.  Don’t forget Pacific Rim opens on July 12, 2013!

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