Rampageo Industries Prince Algor Preorders

Interested in one of Dr. Rampageo’s Heroic Prince Algors but missed out the first time around?  No fear, because the good doctor has set up a preorder period for the first three flavors of this heroic, Masters of the Universe inspired action figure. Go ahead and read on or check out Doomkick directly to get information on the sale:

Algor Pre order 1

[blockquote]The next release in Rampageo Industries “The Exciting World of Jalldoon” line is right around the corner.  Starting Monday May 20th and running through Monday June 10th  you will be able to pre order the plucky Hero Prince Algor in his Heroic form in 3 Translucent colors, Candy Apple (green), Lemmondrop (yellow), and Twin Cherry (red).  Single versions of the Magnet Articulated figure will be available for $46, and a 3 Pack of all the colors for $115 (all prices include US shipping) in the shop on DoomKick.com.  This will be the last time this particular version of Prince Algor will be available. These figures are fully compatible with the Warlords of Wor and other magnetic toys by ManOrMonster? Studios, and previously released figures from Rampageo Industries.

Rampageo Industries FB link: https://www.facebook.com/RampageoIndustries[/blockquote]



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        1. OH! sorry bout that…didn’t relaize you were a UK guy..same price $40 for one and $100 for 3 pack, but the shipping will vary…between $15-$25 I would say depending on the order

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