SDCC 2013: ToyMunkey Studios Silent Hill 2 Exclusives

In case you might have missed them last year at San Diego Comic Con, ToyMunkey Studios revealed unpainted prototypes of their Silent Hill 2 PVC statues.  This year the statues have shipped and ToyMunkey has a couple of exclusive versions of their Pyramid Head (Pyramid Thing) and Bubble Head Nurse that will be available only at SDCC.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse ToyMunkey

Bubble Head Nurse – The SDCC version comes with red boots and a different head.  Like the previous release it will have interchangeable hands and a base that can connect with other nurses to enhance your display.  Many HD pictures of the Bubble Head Nurse can be seen here.

SDCC 2013 Exclusive Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head Thing ToyMunkey

Red Pyramid Thing – The SDCC version of the Red Pyramid Thing is a color variant, and in addition he is holding a new victim.  The Pyramid Thing stands almost 13″ tall.  Check out a great selection of HD pictures over at ToyMunkey’s site.

No word on prices or availability yet, we will update once we hear more.

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      1. No you’re okay i’m not blaming you, it’s just i don’t see the necessity for companies in general to just churn out Sci-Fi-Horror toys and figures as they’re not really that sensible to think of for young children’s sake is what i’m alluding to.But no you’re welcome mate and you do, do good jobs in general with all your topic pages!

        1. Flutterlicious

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