NECA: Prometheus Series 3 Revealed

The Prometheus line is as mysterious as the movie because you just never know what you are going to get in each wave.  Originally wave three was supposed to be Elizabeth Shaw and Fifield, but unfortunately the sales were not strong enough to warrant the new tooling.  We’ve seen some teases and selective cuts of images but now we have a full image provided by NECA in this behind the scenes look:


There is a lot of cool stuff shown here that I could get into, but I want to stay focused for the sake of this post.  May I direct your eyes up to the right corner of the picture.  At first I thought these were unpainted prototypes, however I was wrong.  These are in fact the colors that will be used for the third wave “Holographic” Engineers.  So it looks like both of the Engineers from the first wave will be repainted to look like the hologram footage from the alien ship.

Here is a close up!

The “Pressure Suit” Engineer leaves a few good possibilities for accessories they might include.  We already know about the ampule that was previously revealed.  But there is also the possibility of the “Space Flute” that the Engineer plays in order to start the ship.  This accessory can work two-fold because both David and the Engineer use it in the film.  There is also the baby Trilobite, although that would go great with Dr. Shaw.

It would be cool if there was some light up holographic display parts like in this scene in the movie, but they probably have minimal budget.  Lights will probably add additional cost to something that isn’t selling well to begin with.


Either way, we will more than likely see the carded samples and get the full accessory breakdown on this third series at San Diego Comic Con.  So stay tuned Prometheus fans and keep hoping for the best.  Here is the official teaser from NECA:


2 thoughts on “NECA: Prometheus Series 3 Revealed”

  1. These look cool too me since they’re great figures and I love translucent plastic. Translucent sparkly plastic is even better.

    Only bummers here are 1) it would have been nice if they didn’t both include the ampule thing, unless one is different somehow. 2) I want these things to sell like crazy and a wave full of identically colored toys on a peg may seem boring to those more casual than I am.

    I’ll be buying both and I hope for the best.

    1. Yep I’ll be buying both as well, don’t have high hopes that they will sell too great so we may be looking at the end of Prometheus.

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