NECA: The Spider Gremlin Becomes Reality

It’s been a long time; two years have come and passed in fact since the original announcement.  After a while I just tucked it away into the “never going to happen” pile along with Palisades’ Resident Evil series four.  But something must have gone right and now the Spider Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch will be making its way to stores this Fall!


I’m going to guess that NECA has a little more confidence in releasing it now that they have done some larger ticket items like Freddy’s Furnace, The Predator Skull Wall, and the upcoming ED-209 from Robocop.  The Spider Gremlin is expected to cost around $50 and will more than likely will have to be assembled to fit all those legs in the box.  He will be roughly 10″ tall and almost 15″ wide.  All of the spider legs are articulated in three spots and the body has ball jointed shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  He will also have a hinged jaw!  Oh, and finally the figure will come with a display stand to help you get the best poses you can.


According to NECA there will only be one run on this guy, so if you even think you want him I would pay attention to when preorders go up.  This has been on my most-wanted list for a long time and I am so happy it finally became a reality.  I’m looking forward to this much more than a third Gremlins series (not that I would mind one, but … Spider Gremlin!).  We’ll keep you up to date whenever they start hitting retail.

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          1. lol, my dream of being one of those guys no one recognizes in the back of shows, sadly I couldn’t be a character in the background of Breaking Bad was shot down by that guy in front of me

  1. Hey Jon and Flutterlicious (sorry you didn’t get the part or live your dream btw), do you still wanna be my friend and like me?

      1. Cool man and i’m glad no more bickering is no longer gonna continue as you must admit you were getting quite annoying! but no of course we’re friends mate!

          1. Yeah i must admit i was annoying too but yeah i think to end it all, i think Jon should just delete all the comments as really they’re only basically spam and also i’m glad we’re friends as i didn’t really mean all those things but i don’t really like arguing with people so much. Thanks mate and just let by-gones be by-gones!

  2. Why not i guess, don’t worry Jon this is your epic website man so if you want keep them or throw em! Thanks Jon

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