Rampageo Industries Reveals New Slimes!

Fresh off the heels of their first series of Slimes from The Exciting World of Jalldoon, Rampageo Industries is hard at work on their second wave of SLIMES!  The second wave of Slimes, also known as Slimes 2: The New Batch [editor’s note: not really known as that.], will feature four new minifigures as well as a few really cool surprises!  You thought heroic Prince Algor was cool?  You ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

Go on and check out the official press release from Rampageo Industries:

Ikari 2

[blockquote]Coming Soon from Rampageo Industries is The Exciting World of Jalldoon: Slimes Wave 2! The next wave of Slimes is on the horizon, and this time you will be getting 4 all new mini figures as well as a few BIG surprises. Keep an eye on DoomKick.com and Rampageo Industries for more details. In the meantime enjoy this exclusive reveal of the first new Slime Princess Ikari.

Ikari 3

Born shortly before the Queen vanished, Princess Ikari grew up never knowing her mother. After his wife’s disappearance the King became very protective of his young daughter, and kept a very close eye on the Princess. While her older brother Algor was free to adventure through the world of Jalldoon as he pleased, she was stuck in the Palace surrounded by body guards with barely a minute to herself. It is a tough life for any girl, but especially one who looked up to her older Brother’s adventuring ways. This all changed when accompanying her father on diplomatic trip to the human city of Karnok their carriage was overwhelmed by bandits, looking to steal the gifts of emeralds the Slimes had brought for Emperor Loa Che the bandits made short work of the Kings entourage. With men wishing to do her farther harm the Princess sprang into action taking the form (a trick she learned from her brother) of a giant man-eating Vineosaur, and saved the lives of the King and his men. Having proved she was more than capable of protecting herself, the King allowed Ikari the freedom to roam she so desired. Since that day she has joined Algor on many adventures, and had more than a fair share of her own.[/blockquote]

Ikari 1

So don’t forget to check out the Doomkick.com to get all your updates on all things Jalldoon!  We’ll keep you updated on sale dates and all that fun stuff!  Oh, and check out Rampageo Industries Facebook page and give it a ‘Like’ if you haven’t already.

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