SDCC 2013: Mezco Breaking Bad Exclusive

Mezco’s second exclusive for San Diego Comic Convention 2013 is none other than the illustrious Walter White, star of Breaking Bad.  Walter is decked out in his trademark yellow jumpsuit, comes with a whole slew of accessories, and is discreetly packaged in a “Los Pollos Hermanos” package.  Among the accessories you get will be a 55 gallon drum, lab beakers, and exclusive to this release is his fly swatter.

This will be your first chance at Mezco Toyz Breaking Bad 6″ action figure line.  This special San Diego Comic Convention piece will be limited to 1,500 pieces and cost you $35.

Not going to SDCC?  Well you are in luck as Mezco is offering all their exclusives through their online store.  If you order now Mezco will ship your figures on or shortly after the convention.

Mezco SDCC 2013 Exclusive Walter White Breaking Bad

Mezco SDCC 2013 Exclusive Walter White Breaking Bad

5 thoughts on “SDCC 2013: Mezco Breaking Bad Exclusive”

  1. What happened yesterday? I wasn’t able to get on Preternia at all. I like the way this figure looks 🙂 I’d get it if I hadn’t already used up this weeks Toy Money saving up for a trip 🙂

    1. Me either what happened Jon? was the site faulty or having technical problems with the site? hey anyway i love the Breaking Bad series and do love it when NECA and Mezco make figures that you could never imagine doing just like random toy choices really, also hopefully someone like NECA could maybe make Jack The Giant Slayer toys and that would be even cooler, but i wonder if that’s gonna happen?

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jon, are you up for this? I’m a huge BB fan and this is not to be missed. Cool of MEZCO to save everyone the headache of SDCC lines. And of course for non-attendees such as myself.

    1. Not sure yet, $35 is a bit more than I want to pay for a 6″ scale figure. I might wait until the regular releases hit and decide then.

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