SDCC 2013: Mezco Reveals Exclusive DC Mez-Itz

Mezco has released images, info, and opened up orders for their next set of San Diego Comic Convention exclusives.  This time we are going to the DC Universe and Mezco has a whole load of their Mez-Itz available for Man of Steel, 1966 Batman, and modern Batman.  As always these figures are available to purchase right now on Mezco’s online store and the items will ship shortly after SDCC.


Man of Steel Mez-Itz Three-Pack – Mezco celebrates the upcoming Man of Steel movie with a three-pack of Mez-Itz: Superman, Jor-El, and General Zod.  The Mez-Itz measure up to 2″ in height and the three pack will cost you $20.  You can preorder the set directly from Mezco.


1966 Batmobile with Batman and Robin Mez-Itz Box Set – Mezco is adding the 1966 Batman license to their extensive library of DC Mez-Itz.  This will be your first chance to get 1966 Adam West Batman along with the original Batmobile and Robin!  The set will cost you $32 and can be preordered now at Mezco’s online store.


Harley Quinn Mez-Itz Clip On – Want to hang a Harley Quinn Mez-Itz from your backpack or key chain?  Now you can!  The Harley Quinn Clip On will cost $7 and can be ordered through the store.

Of course if you are looking to get all the Mez-Itz for SDCC in one sitting go ahead and grab this bundle of all three ets for $57.

Thanks and check back as more and more SDCC 2013 stuff keeps coming in!

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