ThreeZero Gets the 1/6 Scale Walking Dead License

In the past we have reported on professional level customizers doing AMC’s The Walking Dead 1/6 scale figures, but we now have an official licensee for the hot property.  The announcement of the deal comes from ThreeZero, an offshoot of the very popular ThreeA, a company who make various high-end 1/6 scale figures of licensed and their own creations.  We’ve seen 3A do various zombies before so it isn’t entirely shocking that an entity of theirs plans to tackle this property.


If you follow The Walking Dead I’m sure you can figure out who these two guys are: Michonne’s zombie pets.  ThreeZero plans to show them off at San Diego Comic Convention, and perhaps they may reveal future plans for the line as well.

Now you may be worried about how an armless action figure would be lacking in articulation; no fear here is what the fine 3A staff has to say:

[blockquote]The torso on these Walking Dead zombies is composed of a soft PVC, and is a different material than the ones Hot Toys and Medicom have used in the past that experience cracking and deterioration. It is a similar material to the one used on the female 3A body which, in four years, has not experienced these issues. Even though the pet zombie has no arms, the shoulders, neck, upper torso and waist are all articulated. And, of course, waist down has the traditional 1/6th scale figure articulation that is to be expected.[/blockquote]

We’ll keep you updated on developments!

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