MOTUC Standor on eBay, Cheaper than Matty!

Do you plan on picking up Standor, the Stan Lee Masters of the Universe Classics action figure, this November?  Well you may be interested to know that you can grab Stan the Man now off of eBay.  A seller in China (surprise, surprise) has a handful of the Standor figure available for sale at a cheaper price shipped than if you got it from Mattycollector.

Now let me give you the word of warning on this as well.  More than likely this was stolen from the factory, and there may be a possibility he is not in the best shape.  That is the risk you take when you want to grab one of these guys early from Chinese sellers.  It is also not in a package, so you carded collectors should just avoid this altogether.  You always take a risk when doing this, so don’t blindly throw money at your screen without thinking it over.


However, on the good side of things if you do collect loose this is a bargain.  The $34.99 price is cheaper than what you would pay shipped from Mattycollector.   On top of that you don’t appear to be missing anything since the shades look to be included, and that is supposed to be the only accessory.  Shipping says it should arrive some time between September 12 – 30, so even with the long window you will still get it well before the November convention.


Do you take a chance on Standor?  I did.  I’m a sucker like that, but the fact that I can get him early and cheaper than I could from the official site sealed the deal.  We’ll let you all know how everything turns out come September.

Standor may sell out, but at least we get this opportunity to see a production Standor up close.

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