NECA: DOTA2 Axe Gets Axed

Remember the Axe action figure from DOTA2 NECA showed off last year at Tournament International?  Axe was slated to join the NECA Valve family August 2013, but ever since TI2 last year we never saw a thing about him again.  As probably could be expected from the silence Axe has joined quite a few of my most wanted NECA figures in the “probably not coming out” category.

I waited to pull the trigger on bugging NECA about it until after Tournament International 3 had started.  Just in case there was something they would show there.  Not only was there nothing new, but Axe didn’t show up either.  So I finally decided to bug NECA on twitter about my favorite red warrior, and it was as I had feared.


So Axe is probably not happening, and I would assume nothing from DOTA2 is going to happen as well.  I probably should have expected it when he wasn’t at Toy Fair or SDCC this year, but I guess hope springs eternal.

This really bummed me out last night, and made me question if we are going to see much more Valve stuff from NECA past the Team Fortress 2 cast?  After the first two Left 4 Dead 2 figures came out things have been pretty silent on that front.  I know they’ve mentioned on twitter that Alyx from Half-Life 2 could be a possibility but I’m not holding my breath on that.  Once P-Body and Atlas come out the Portal 2 cast will be essentially done as well.

I think this is why Axe not happening bums me out so much more.  All of those games have some age on them; yet DOTA2 is Valve’s hottest current property with upwards of five million plus people playing the game every month.  It has a huge cast of characters and the fan base is rabid about it.  Hundreds of thousands are tuning in daily this week to watch the International, it really is a pretty incredible game.  If the Axe figure had been for sale at the show I would think it would have been a huge hit, especially if it came with an in-game unlock.

It’s been a little while since a disappointment like this, but I do need to remember to temper my expectations when NECA reveals something.  Not many things NECA does are going to go as deep as their Predator line, and a bunch of them may never actually leave the launching pad.  It’s a shame Axe never got a chance, and maybe he wouldn’t make a good retail release.  But on the other hand with a limited release in the right place I think he would be a big hit.


Lets hope this isn’t a sign that the Valve license may be nearing its end as well because we’ve had some good times and I’d like to have many more.

You join my treasured Prometheus Shaw and Vickers (fuck Halloway) in that little NECA plastic heaven.  Farewell Axe, may you live to cut again somewhere else.


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