NECA: TF2 Heavy and Soldier Available NOW!

The wait for Half-Life 3 and the Team Fortress 2 Heavy and Soldier action figures has come to an end!  Okay the Half-Life 3 thing was a lie but this release may be part of the elaborate ARG Valve has running towards the HL3 reveal announcement … right?  Anyway, NECA has just put the figures up on their eBay store and I suggest you RUN to pick them up as soon as possible.


The second series of NECA’s TF2 line feature the Soldier and the Heavy both in their red team outfits.  The Soldier comes packed with a shovel, bazooka, and alternate hands.  The Heavy features his chain gun and alternate hands.  Both figures come with codes to unlock unique items (hats!) for your Team Fortress 2 account.

Grab the Heavy here.

Or grab the Soldier here.

Even better just grab them both here!

$T2eC16JHJHEFFl0vrI0uBSC+vE1Vf!~~60_1The first series in red sold out extremely fast and has ballooned in price, check out amazon if you don’t believe me! We also have our reviews of the previous two figures (the Pyro and Demoman) if you want to check them out, they are fancy and fun.  The hunt is on, grab them TF2 figures before it’s too late.

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