Mattel: MOTUC Reveals Scorpia, Blade, and Battle Lion

According to mythology there is a convention going on in California that has a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe theme (along with Ninja Turtles and Thundercats I think).  Mattel, like they have done the past couple years, has brought a handful of reveals to settle the populace until New York Comic Convention.

This year we get a healthy helping of our April and May figures:

April – Blade (yes, that Blade from the movie — see above, he’s incredibly awesome!)

May – Scorpia and Battle Lion

Battle Lion marks the infamous 200x reveal that was promised at ItsAllTrue’s Ask Matty this month.  While this certainly wasn’t on my personal list of “most wanted” figures from that series, it has grown on me a bit since the reveal.  The giant cat body is still a great base and the lion head is very well done.  He comes with armor that can also be placed on Battle Cat to convert him into the 200x version.  Speaking of the 200x (MO2K or Willenium, whatever people are calling it) there is additional news from that front so keep reading.


Scorpia is the regular figure of the month of May.  Much like Blade we knew she was coming from the fairly obvious tease at San Diego Comic Convention.  She has her tail and a unique crossbow, but the big thing that I hope makes it to the final figure is that makeup on her face.  She looks great, and is really only overshadowed by how amazing Blade turned out.



Next up we have the tradition of the tease for the next show.  Looks like at New York we may be seeing the long awaited Masters of the Universe Classics Extendar!  The Extendar shield was left in the display this afternoon, so chances are he will be part of the first half of 2014.

[h2]200x Head Pack[/h2]

Finally something they said would never be possible might happen.  Mattel wants to do a 200x heads pack.  The goal is six heads.  This appears to be in the early stages of planning so Mattel wants to know what the fans want.  I’ve been going over how many heads I want and the list is getting quite staggering.  I think I will make a separate post to go over my most wanted 200x heads.  If this idea takes off I am going to want a Filmation heads pack as well, but we will see.

I’d imagine Clawful is a lock for this pack, with Buzz-Off and Grizzlor not far behind them.

About four more weeks until the next set of reveals for this “All Star” MOTUC year.  Stay tuned for more!

3 thoughts on “Mattel: MOTUC Reveals Scorpia, Blade, and Battle Lion”

  1. Oooh. I’ll have to think about the 200x heads a bit to come up with my top five, but off the top of my head I’ll say:

    Buzz-Off (I guess makes sense)
    maybe Duncan w/o helmet?

    1. I do kind of want the Duncan with the helmet off and the ponytail, of course that would involve getting another Duncan to place the head on.

      Skeletor is a definite, but I fear they would include a He-Man too.

      I really would like a 200x Snout Spout head, it would also make some people with broken trunks happy.

      Buzz-Off would be good, and I think it would still look great on the MOTUC body.

      Good list, I think Clawful is a lock … he’s the first on everyone’s list.

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