Rampageo Industries: Slimes S2 King Valdar Reveal

You thought Prince Algor was the last?  You were DEAD WRONG!  Coming to a New York Comic Convention near you Rampageo Industries is proud to introduce you to the King!  King Valdar!

Wave 2 King 1

Squishy is the Slime that wears the crown!

The Grand King of all Slimes is the latest in the royal line of kings going all the way back to the first slime to spawn from the elemental dust that is the father of all Slimes. For years, ruling Slimedom was an easy job for any king, but after the “birth” of Master Boshak, and the disappearance of his wife early in the current king’s reign the job became fraught with peril. Fortunately for good Slimes everywhere, King Valdar is fully capable of dealing with threats both inside and from outside the world of Slimes, and has done a wonderful job keeping his subjects safe from the despots currently terrorizing the land. In between the war preparations he also manages to find time to be a father to the young Prince and Princess of the Slime Kingdom.

Wave 2 King 2

[h2]Press Release:[/h2]

The next release in The Exciting World of Jalldoon: Slimes From Rampageo Industries is right around the corner! This release consists of 4 All New Slimes, an all new full size magnet articulated figure, as well as a few surprises. Following Preternia’s earlier reveal of Princess Ikari comes the other “good guy” figure in Wave 2. The Good King Valdar comes complete with regal mustache and the crown that signifies his leadership of the Slime Kingdom.

Slimes Wave 2 will first be available at New York Comic Con as a NYCC exclusive “full Set” of all 8 Slimes (Waves 1 and 2) in a special colorway, as well as a few “preview” sets in the 4 colors Wave 2 will be available in! Keep your eyes on Rampageo Industries (https://www.facebook.com/RampageoIndustries) and DoomKick.Com for all the details as the time gets closer. Also be sure to check Hoard World (http://hoardworld.blogspot.com.au/) for the remaining two reveals in wave 2.

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  1. Whoa! First Matty does a Stan Lee figure, now Doomkick has made a Stan Lee Slime (Ya know, because of the moustache) 😛

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