Rampageo Industries: NYCC Exclusives Roundup

I’m heading to New York Comic Convention this year.  Are you?  If you are you may want to stop by and check out my good friend Dr. Rampageo (PHD!) at booth #401.  He has a whole mess of his great Slimes in limited edition colorways that will be for sale at the convention.  Next week, October 10 – 13, at the show you will also get your first chance at the second wave of slimes.  Let’s take a look into what will be available at NYCC!


First up will be a full set the first and second set of slimes (both series one and two) in a special Halloween themed black and orange color scheme.  This fine set will run you $40.


Next up will be a barrage of both slimes series in all kinds of crazy colors.  Check out the image for some ideas, and if you like them each set will run you $20!


Along with the sets, singles will be available for $5 each!


What do we have here?  New minis?  Get out!  Check out the new “Slime of War” minis only $1 each!  Debuting at NYCC!


Finally the Wild Cave Slimes make their debut as well!


For $20 you can walk home with a giant slime!

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