ThreeA: Could the TF2 Ghost Be Coming?

Not much more than a blurry picture was revealed, but if you are a fan of the Team Fortress 2 Halloween event then perk up those ears.  ThreeA is apparently “playing around” with a diorama of the Ghost of Zephania Mann complete with a makeshift grave and the Ghastly Gibus.  ThreeA has quite a few Valve figures in the pipeline, but me being a sucker for anything from TF2 and Portal … I’ll find a way to grab this as well.

I present you with the Ghost of Zephania Mann from TF2, made by the folks over at 3A.


Don’t forget 3A also has their Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body scheduled for release at the end of the year.  And the Robot Heavy from Mann vs Machine should be out some time next year.

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