Comikaze 2013: MOTUC Reveals NA Skeletor, Flutterina, and Broom

The annual Stan Lee Comikaze Expo was this weekend and as previously reported Mattel made an appearance to show off their wares and announce new things.  Since the DC Infinite Earths was officially decreed “dead” at New York Comic Convention so the big reveals would be coming from Masters of the Universe Classics.

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We now have Masters of the Universe Classics’ Club Eternia schedule all the way through August 2014 as two new figures were announced: Flutterina and New Adventures Skeletor.  Flutterina will include that pink sword we saw at New York Comic Con.  Remember the one we though was for Queen Angela?  Yes, as a collective we were incorrect.  She will take up the monthly slot for August 2014.

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New Adventures Skeletor will eat up that final $25 (and only) quarterly variant slot for the year and also be released in August.  He comes with quite a bit of new tooling which makes sense because the third quarter is typically the new sculpt time of the year.  He will also be packed with the alternate “battle damaged” Faker head we got a sneak peek at during NYCC.

Our new tease for next reveal (and we should probably assume the next one will be at Toy Fair 2014) was bringing out Broom and Loo-Kee to the case.  This seems like a tease for a Madame Razz seeing how Broom is her sidekick.  Where she will fall into the lineup is anyone’s guess at this point.  We still have a $38 quarterly and $35 holiday slot left.  Or Razz could fall into a regular figure release?  Possibly an SDCC exclusive?  Or even part of a POP add-on subscription?  Quite a few possibilities are out there and only time will tell.

Check out The Fwoosh for some great pictures from the convention and close up shots of the new figures!

So now that we have the first eight months of 2014 mapped out lets see how the breakdown is thus far for the “all-star” year:

Vintage: Two-bad, Modulok, Extendar (3)

POP: Glimmer, Scorpia, Flutterina (3)

New Adventures: Hydron, Flogg, NA Skeletor (3)

Movie: Blade (1)

200x: Battle Lion (1)

Other/Concept: Unnamed One (1)

I think the obvious trends that show this year is the bigger focus on POP and New Adventures.  New Adventures is typically on a one figure per year release schedule.  This year they really ramped it up with three figures by August.  POP is also trending well as we are getting three new females in the Club Eternia subscription, and there is the possibility still of Madame Razz and a POP subscription.

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  1. That Flutterina figure is Flutterrific! Flutterlicious even? Maybe, I can go on with these Flutter jokes. What really caught me was the NA Skeletor, the “Battle Damage” Faker head looks nice as well. Excellent News Jon!

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