NECA: Predator Series 11 Carded Pictures

NECA’s tenth series of Predator figures have just hit retail, but NECA appears to be hard at work getting the next series out the door.  While series ten was themed around the Kenner Predator line, the eleventh series is all over the place with some concept Predators and another Dutch variant.  The lineup is as follows:

Battle Armor Lost Predator (aka Borg Predator)
Wasp Predator (from the Dead End fan film)
Thermal Vision Dutch (what Dutch looks like from a Predator’s perspective)

Carded pictures probably mean the wave should be hitting in the next few months, so we can hope for a late 2013/early 2014 release on these.  Completing that Dead End tribe will be pretty exciting!  It’s also pretty cool that NECA decided to design the card backs around the series they should go with.  So Dutch’s card will fit with the other releases, same with the Wasp and Lost Predator.  Nice touches NECA!

If you still need to catch up on the ten previous waves of NECA Predators, head over here and pick up a few from Amazon!

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