Walking Dead: Exclusive Black Friday Comic Negan Figure

Negan seems like the type of guy who would find it humorous to wear one of those “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” shirts with an arrow pointing down to his penis.  This is probably the reason why he is such a great “villain” on The Walking Dead comic book series.  I put villain in quotes because I’m not really sure he is the villain.  He’s just such a strange guy that I don’t think he fits into a protagonist/antagonist role.  Sure, he kills people but Rick has quite a body count himself … do you consider him the hero?

Black Friday Walking Dead Comic Series Negan McFarlane

Anyway, looks like McFarlane will be releasing an action figure of Negan A LOT sooner than anyone thought.  They started teasing him this week and most people assumed that he would be part of the third comic series.  This did not turn out to be the case as he will be sold exclusively on Black Friday through the Walking Dead’s Official Website.

Black Friday Walking Dead Comic Series Negan McFarlane

Negan will be $25 plus shipping and comes in both a color and black and white (with splattered blood) flavor.  He comes equipped with Lucille (his barbed-wire bat), an iron, and knife.

While you are grabbing Negan, be sure to catch up on past McFarlane Walking Dead figures over at Amazon because there are some great deals to be had currently!

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