WizKids: DOTA 2 HeroClix Revealed!

I said way back when that the best thing that NECA or WizKids could do with their Valve license is release tiny collectible DOTA 2 characters.  After NECA’s Axe action figure was painfully taken away from me I didn’t hold out much hope for any DOTA 2 merchandise from this license deal.  Well color me wrong, WizKids has added DOTA 2 to their extensive HeroClix product line, and on top of that will be releasing the first set in style!


DOTA 2 HeroClix will debut with the The Dire Starter Set!  This starter set will net you a complete DOTA 2 team including Tidehunter, Razor, Lich, Faceless Void, and Witch Doctor.  On top of that you get a really awesome 3′ x 3′ playing field which is laid out like the DOTA map.  As with most Valve merchandise it will come with a code to unlock something, and all signs point to the Genuine Tidehunter Blink Dagger.  The items were added to the game around September and you can read about them on Cyborg Matt’s blog.

Tide Hunter’s Cosmetic Blink Dagger (Picture courtesy of Cyborg Matt)

This is a nice little set and I’m sure the cosmetic item will more than likely cover the cost of buying it.  If you want more info be sure to keep an eye on WizKids’ site and we will be sure to update you when we see it pop up at retail.

6 thoughts on “WizKids: DOTA 2 HeroClix Revealed!”

  1. This looks rather fun, I need to get into Heroclix, this might as well be a great way in doing so! Are you still up owning in dotes? I have to get back on…

  2. After neca cancelled their action figure line these feel like punch to the gut for me, what awesome toys those designs would have made! I mean, i’m happy for those who are into these things but i was really looking forward to a fantasy based action figures with a more “cartoony” bent.

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