3A Gordon Freeman and Dog in the Works!

ThreeA does a weekly Q&A session with Ashley Wood every Sunday, and while I usually don’t post it this one caught my attention!  For those of us (like me!) who are excited about their Valve releases there is a big answer dropped into the Q&A session posted today … if you want to read the whole thing just head on over to their Facebook page here.

I’ll just post the quote here to get it over with:

Q: Since the early mention, I can’t wait to see Gordon Freeman figure from Half-Life, what’s its status at the moment ? Also is there a possibility that we could see Dog (Alyx’s pet robot) ? It would be perfect for threeA engineering.

A: Well your gonna be happy , Gordon and Dog set is in the works, in fact our friends at Valve even sent details of a more detailed DOG, so the figure is quiet amazing and BIG!

Maybe I missed the previous announcement that this question stemmed from but HOLY SHIT!  A Gordon Freeman and DOG in (what I assume will be) 1/6th scale?  This is like a dream come true!  I’m sure it won’t be cheap, but if the efforts put into the Portal 2 bots and TF2 Mann vs Machine figures is any indication they will certainly look great.

We’ll keep you updated on any new news or pictures on this development.  Hopefully since 3A will be at New York Toy Fair in February they may have something to show!

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