An updated look at the ThreeA TF2 Robot Pyro

My ears perk up whenever something related the Valve’s Team Fortress 2 pops up in the toy world.  As has been reported prior, ThreeA revealed that they were working on the robot cast of TF2’s Mann vs Machine mode.  The Heavy was already put up on preorder in late 2013, and is currently available at various online retailers.  He’s expected to ship around the second quarter of this year.

As can be seen in the image released by 3A, the Pyro will more than likely me the next addition to the 3AxValve family.  It’s clearly labeled a “work in progress” but it looks like it is coming along well.  I’m sure we will know more next month as 3A will be at Toy Fair, and I’d assume they plan to show off some of their licensed stuff.

The Pyro looks to be coming along great.  I’m very interested to see how hard he will be to get standing … those tiny Pyro feet scare the crap out of me!

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