ThreeZero Teases 1/6 Robocop and MORE Walking Dead

ThreeZero continues to tease their upcoming 1/6 scale figures for 2014 with a new shot from their work table.

Of note you can see a Robocop from the new film coming February of 2014.

Lots of Walking Dead (the television show) can be seen on the table including some updated bodies and heads for Merle and Daryl Dixon.  New to this reveal is Michonne who can finally join her zombie pets coming in February.  Rick’s hat is inside the clear box that has Daryl heads on top of it and his shirt is top middle.  ThreeZero has a good chunk of the Walking Dead’s cast already in the works, it should be no time until they start hitting retailers for preorders.

The dragon picture in the right corner probably further confirms the speculation that ThreeZero is developing Game of Thrones 1/6 scale figures as well.  Hopefully we should get some official announcements soon.

1 thought on “ThreeZero Teases 1/6 Robocop and MORE Walking Dead”

  1. Looking good, I don’t think any of these licenses intrigued me except the GOT one. I’d like a couple of badass Lannisters/Starks. Although I can’t wait to see what Funko has up their sleeve with their 6″ assortment.

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