Addendum to our Funko Legacy Jon Snow Review

It’s been a whole day since I wrote my review of the Funko Game of Thrones Jon Snow figure.  The reason I felt I should follow up with this addendum to that review is that this first series of figures has some serious concerns as far as quality control.  I’ve had figures break before on me and can usually tell if it is a one-time issue, or even if it was something I did.  I’ve had my fair share of NECA figures break as well as some very expensive Transformers.  Highly articulated collector lines sometimes need a soft touch since these things do happen, unfortunately I think this goes a little beyond that.

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Series 1 Breakage Issues

Thus far I have bought two Funko Game of Thrones figures from the first series: Jon Snow and the Hound.  I reviewed Jon Snow yesterday and was surprised and pleased with how he turned out.  I went on to review the Hound and all hell broke loose.  I moved Jon Snow’s right arm back to being straight and it just fell off at the peg attaching the forearm to the elbow ball.  Thinking “at least I can just do pictures with Hound alone,” I pulled him out of the package.  When I slid his right foot into a suitable position for standing it just came off.  It was the same issue as Jon, that peg that connects the leg to the foot.

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Series 1 Breakage Issues

Consulting with some other collector friends I found they ran into the same issues.  The pegs that hold the joints in place on these figures are made of clear plastic and are EXTREMELY fragile.  This would probably be fine for larger less articulated action figures, but for these smaller figures who are made to pose it doesn’t.  This is similar material that can be found on early DC Direct figures, Palisade’s Army of Darkness, and SOTA’s Street Fighter Revolutions figures.  These are all lines with bad breakage issues, and even if they didn’t break in the short-term time was not kind to them.

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Series 1 Breakage Issues

I’m sure Funko knows about the issues by now and are probably getting ready to address it at Toy Fair.  I just wanted to put this out so that people know what they are getting into before buying the figure.  My review is still accurate to my feelings on the figure, but I am now hesitant to buy any more due to my experience and the widespread reports I have seen.  Of course I am a bit disappointed I don’t have the figures now because the ones I got looked pretty good.

This is definitely one of those situations where the buyer should “beware.”  Unless you plan to just keep them in the package, I’d maybe hold off to see how things improve for the next wave.  At least Funko would have a reason to come back and revisit these characters.

3 thoughts on “Addendum to our Funko Legacy Jon Snow Review”

  1. Sorry about your figures. I’ve had similar experiences with these long-awaited GoT figures.

    My Hound figure’s left shoulder broke off the joint shortly after unboxing. And the belt part that holds the sheath ripped off when I tried to put the sword sheath in.

    My Daenerys figure’s torso separated while pulling her out of the plastic bubble. Thankfully, the peg is not broken, but she will always separate if there is even slight movement on the torso.

    Both elbows on both figures were stuck and required the boiling method to loosen.

    It’s slightly reassuring I’m not the only one having problems with this line, but what can we do as a whole to getting Funko to fix this for us? I do feel ripped off.

    1. Sucks it happened to you too! I think the best thing to do right now is make sure to return them to Barnes and Noble if they break. B&N will probably request credit from Funko on all returns and then they will see the extent of the problem.

      Shame I wanted to like the line, but these figures are just riddled with problems. Funko really needs to take action ASAP, before any more go into production.

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