First Look at Funko Legacy Game of Thrones

Funko has been teasing that they had some big surprises for Toy Fair this year.  Earlier this week they partnered with Entertainment Earth to reveal their extensive ReAction line.  It looks like we will also be getting a preview of the Legacy, Funko’s six-inch scale line.  I believe they have other licenses planned for this Legacy line, but none have people more interested than Game of Thrones.

The carded figures were leaked onto eBay and brought to my attention by a Funko Toys Legacy Facebook group.  It looks as though the first series has a total of six figures and the boxes are numbered:

1: Jon Snow
2: Tyrion Lannister
3: The Hound
4: White Walker
5: Daenerys Targaryen
6: Ned Stark

The only one missing in the bunch of pictures is also probably everyone’s favorite, Tyrion Lannister.  My first impression of the set is that the head sculpts look a little soft.  However these aren’t the best pictures in the world so I will definitely hold off my final opinion until Toy Fair next Sunday.  The armor and clothing look great, and they remind me a lot of Bridge Direct’s first foray into the six-inch scale action figure market.


We’ll have more news on this Funko Legacy Game of Thrones series next week, so stay tuned!

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