Batman Versus Superman – Not What You Think!

The Action Figure Battle

For this matchup, I chose two figures found at Entertainment Earth that will be released this spring and feature the same price point. In one corner, we have a DC Comics Batman action figure standing in at a whopping 6 ¾-inches tall. He was based on designs by Batman artist, Greg Capullo. In the other corner, we have a DC Comics Superman figure, also 6 ¾-inches tall. He was based on the Justice League comic book series by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Both are currently priced at $22.99.

I’m not going to judge this round by counting points of articulation, size (especially since they both measure the same), bang for your buck (especially since they both cost the same), or even colors. I’m just going to go with the one that looks more badass. Both are fantastic representations of these archetype superheroes, but the scowl beneath the cowl takes this contest by a hair.

Winner: Batman Action Figure.

The Slots Battle

If you thought that I was out of my element reviewing the Batman and Superman action figures, wait until you read this infantile comparison to the Betfair Arcade‘s Batman and Superman arcade slots. My grading will only be based on color, graphics and overall appearance, not the actual gameplay experience. You can get that from someone that actually knows what he is talking about. This will strictly be a visual review, solely based on the two pictures shown, and containing as little detailed information as possible.

As you can see in the images, each game features 50 lines. Both are colorful, but I would have to give the edge to Superman, because his game seems to exhibit a broader range of tones. As far as the graphics, I would have to go with Batman, because it has more impactful iconic imagery. I especially love the Bat Signal and Batarang. The Superman slot image needs cooler symbols. And the Kryptonite looks like a certain plant that inspired me to take my day in a completely different direction.

That leaves us with the overall appearance to determine the winner. I think this superhero campaign should be a tie, but that would be a wimpy and diplomatic decision. Being that I always take the less conciliatory approach (a major character flaw, according to my wife), I will have to choose the game featuring the Kryptonite image. Yes, the same one that I criticized a few sentences ago. What can I say? It helped make my afternoon a little more pleasant.

Winner: Superman Arcade Slot.

The TV Show Battle

The Adventures of Superman ran from 1952-1958, and Batman ran from 1966-1968. Superman was mostly in glorious black and white, while Batman had more eye-popping color than a box full of LEGO®. Both were deviations from the comics, but respectable in their own right.

What I remember about Superman is that he wasn’t really ever in danger. However, it was still fun to see him knock around gangsters and crooks on a daily basis (I say daily because I am not so old as to remember when the show ran weekly). Now Batman was a different story. He and Robin were always in danger. Cliffhangers would conveniently break up each two-part episode. As much as I enjoyed watching both shows while I was growing up, there is no contest to this head-to-head competition. One show featured faceless, interchangeable villains, while the other show’s villains routinely outshined its hero. And at least with me, it’s all about the villains.

Winner: Batman the TV Show.

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